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RecycleMe Iowa (RMI) is a full recycling service that offers indoor and outdoor pick up options for your office, apartment complex or event.


Continuous talks about the lack of recycling services led us to an idea. The idea went to friends and community members. Support gathered and plans started to take place. Next thing you know, a website was started, a pilot program was put into action and a business was born.

Our mission is to provide affordable, convenient access to recycling programs and services.


Step 1: Tell us your recycling needs (Here!)

Step 2: We provide a quote and you choose your service.

Step 3: You’re added to the routes and we start saving the world together from being trashy.

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Small Business Customers


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Apartment Tenants

Our Services

Apartments, Condos
& Townhomes

We take the following items in the specified container provided to you:

  • In PAPER bag container: paper, plastics, aluminum, cardboard
  • In CLOTH bag container: glass
  • Doorstep service: $12/mo per unit SIGN UP NOW

    Hallway service: GET A QUOTE (Landlords only)

    Dumpster service:GET A QUOTE (Landlords only)

    (Small & large)

    Every business is unique; so is our service. We work with each business to find the affordable solution needed. GET A QUOTE today so we can fulfill your green initiative needs.

    Premium: Indoor recycling service GET A QUOTE

    Basic: Outdoor dumpster service GET A QUOTE

    & Education

    We can do events of any size,
    indoor or outdoor.

    Contact us today about your needs.

    Education programs can be custom tailored to your specific audience. Ask us how we can help you become a Recycling Rockstar.

    Our Team

    What People Say About Us


    We were really disappointed that the apartments didn't offer recycling, and my husband was having to drive to the center on Euclid every other week, which was just a pain. Your service made it so much easier! Thank you again for what you do.

    Adventure Fit Team

    Urban Assault Ride

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to your staff. I have learned a great deal from you and your team. It has been a great pleasure working with you all.


    Thank you SO much for what you are providing for folks like me!


    I am incredibly thrilled that I FINALLY have a wonderful option for recycling! Living in an apartment complex that does not offer anything but a dumpster, options are limited. Thank you so very much for providing this service!!!

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